Portada Call Them Witches

Call Them Witches

Publishing date:10/11/2021


The duo Esther Gili and Gemma Camblor returns to captivate us with another surprising gallery of female characters

Feared, venerated, envied, persecuted, desired... there are many contradictory feelings that the figure of the witch has awakened in human beings throughout generations.

In this book, Gemma Camblor’s careful narration and Esther Gili’s exquisite illustrations come together once again to delve into the multiple facets of one of the most captivating female archetypes in universal literature and history.

The authors recreate different historical moments and scenarios from all over the world so that women who are often marginalized or unknown take center stage along with the awe-inspiring tales and legends created around them. A fascinating magical imaginary that will surprise you on every page.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 10/11/2021

ISBN: 978-84-18820-04-5

Pages: 184

Imprint: Lunwerg Editores

Rights sold

Mann, Ivanov, Ferber (Russia), Re-Belle (Italy).