Portada Mole Estate Agent Limited

Mole Estate Agent Limited

Publishing date:1/03/2023


Step into the magical world of the forest in this illustrated book by Gemma Camblor and Esther Gili

Autumn has begun and Blas the Little Mouse returns home after one of his long adventures. The time has come for him to prepare for the arrival of the cold, and he will have to find a way to save some acorns to survive the winter. As he searches for his nuts, he also embarks on an unexpected job: helping his
neighbours find their place for winter in the Great Forest. 

Accompany Blas in this fun story, full of hidden details and endearing characters that will make you discover something new with each reading. Maybe you too will find your place in the forest.

• A wonderfully illustrated book, a fun story of determination and friendship starring animals. 

• Estate Agent Topo S.A. addresses values such as perseverance, solidarity among members of a community and the importance of finding our place
in the world.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 1/03/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-26902-1

Pages: 40

Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil