Retrato de  René Merino

René Merino

I was born in Madrid in 1980 and, practically as soon as I was able to, I devoted myself to drawing on whatever I could get my hands on, which, by the way, once caused me more than a few problems: with my mother for drawing on my hands, with the teachers at school for drawing on the tables, and with my ex-boss for drawing him. Giving my mother (and myself) some peace of mind, I started making my own living years ago doing commissioned illustrations and murals and teaching drawing classes. In 2013, I started making comics that I shared on my Instagram account @rene_estamal. In the middle of the pandemic, I published my first book It’s Bad, But it Could Get Worse (Lunwerg, 2020) and, a year later, One Day It Happened (Lunwerg, 2021).