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Guess Who I Am Tonight

Publishing date:3/06/2014


Yanira and Dylan go to Los Angeles to make preparations for their wedding, but things start to get complicated when one of his ex-lovers loses her mind and almost her life. Once she has recovered, they get married and embark upon the proverbial happy conjugal life. They are both sex mad and love to get dirty, fantasize and experiment with new things. Together, they invent a game called “Guess Who I Am Tonight,” revelling in the lust, possession and new sensations it provides in an atmosphere where the only limits are the ones they set themselves.

Everything is going great until Yanira returns to the stage. What for her is a dream come true Dylan sees as the beginning of a multitude of problems, mistrust, jealousy, and misadventures that are accentuated by the intrusion of the press. Yanira and Dylan will be unable to stop their lives spiralling out of control in way neither of them could ever imagine.


Highlights Guess Who I Am Tonight

The climax of the MOST ADDICTIVE erotic series.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 3/06/2014

ISBN: 978-84-08-13027-7

Pages: 496

Imprint: Esencia

Rights sold

Planeta (Brasil), Newton Compton (Italy), Manuscrito (Portugal), Amber (Poland), Planeta (Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú).

Option rights

Bertelsmann “Family Leisure Club” (Ukraine), Pegasus (Turkey), labutxaca (Catalan).


Adivina quién soy esta noche is a humorous novel whose sexuality and sensuality will set your motor running. As soon as you close this book, you’ll seek out your partner so you can whisper in their ear: “Guess who I am tonight.”


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